X-Men slot machine

The X-Men slots game is one of the most exciting games from the Marvel Slots series, featuring no less than 10 famous characters from X-Men, 5 heroes and 5 villains. A dramatically designed slot game packed full of truly exciting features, each of the characters is beautifully drawn and leaps to life in winning paylines with their special individual talents.

A fearsome bunch at the best of times, the X-Men slot characters act together in this thrilling slot game to bring you a wonderful gaming experience, with two unique and fantastic features to watch out for – both of which generate very rewarding payouts.

The X-Feature is triggered by any 5 super hero characters in X format in the centre reels, which immediately gives you a cool 5x payout of your total bet. The Heroes vs. Villains Free Games feature is absolutely stunning and will knock you off your feet. Once triggered you’ll get two rounds of free spins for the price of one, with 8 free spins in Villains mode and unlimited free spins in Heroes mode, making for an absolutely explosive experience on the fantastic X-Men slots game.

Video Trailer of X-Men Slots

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Who are the X-Men?

X-Men Slots X-Men Slots

The X-Men were dreamt into existence by talented duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and they first appeared in 'The X-Men' Marvel Comic in September 1963, the first issue of many to come. The X-Men were born from parents that were exposed to radiation from working in the atomic weapon industry, and thus were born with an extra gene, called the X-Gene, that gives them special superhuman powers, and also the label of mutant.

Regular people were obviously scared of mutants, and a certain Professor Xavier took it upon himself to prove that X-Men could be heroes, creating a haven for those mutants he discovered, and training them to maximise the potential of their powers for the good of the world.

Meet the characters

X-Men Slots X-Men Slots

However not all mutants could be so persuaded, and the evil Magneto who heads the Brotherhood of Mutants team is the arch enemy of the X-Men, and carries with him a strong hatred of all 'normal' humans. The source of his hatred is later revealed to be due to his incarceration in a Nazi concentration camp.

The X-Men and Magneto's mutant brotherhood are continuously waging violent wars against each other, and the stories of the constant struggle between good and evil have been represented in almost every available media on the planet, making the X-Men characters some of the most popular comic book heroes in the world.